Volunteer Law Service: Try A Different Approach to the Career Ladder

What’s the cure for disillusionment? You might ask yourself that after opening another rejection letter from a prospective law firm.  That is the way a person can feel during months of searching to find a position after jubilantly earning that law degree and passing the bar exam just to find oneself eating dinner off the kitchen countertop and being turned down by one firm after another.  It certainly isn’t the life one dreamed about from watching episodes on The Good Wife or Boston Legal.

Of course, you weren’t foolish enough to think the depiction of life in the legal profession was anywhere near what our mass media wants everyone to believe.  But certainly, finding decent employment shouldn’t come down to staring at classifieds for months either.  After all, you didn’t spend all that time reading case histories just to be your own personal bankruptcy lawyer.  But perhaps there is another avenue to finding profitable and rewarding work in your profession.  Many reputable non-profit organizations provide free legal advice and services.  Offering pro bono legal advice and assistance can be the first step into a rewarding professional career.  And dressed as you are in those stylish clothes from Forever 21, you just might look like the perfect person to provide legal advice and guidance to those just coming out of high school and college.  The ones who don’t really understand the “fine print” that’s in an insurance policy, a long-term lease or a tax lien.  A few words of free advice offered now might lead to a sizeable retainer sometime in the future.

There are numerous folks – including many who also depend upon Forever 21 for their wardrobes and Groupon deals for major saving and price breaks like the recently announced promo code for a 10% sitewide discount with free shipping – who need legal guidance.  And some of them might start as casual contacts who could one day turn into profitable clients.  Your best cure for disillusionment may be to aid those persons who feel that they aren’t getting the best treatment from their doctors, insurers or lawyers.  Reliable legal guidance can be as valuable to a suffering patient as a bottle of aspirin, and it is rarely inexpensive.  That is where your services can be invaluable, and also where you can start carving out a rewarding career.…

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